About me



My name is Beatriz. I am originally from Chile but I’ve been living overseas for several years.

Since I was a child I’ve loved teaching. I remember pretending to be a school teacher when I was 4. My sister, 2 at that time, was my only student 🙂

As a teenager and tertiary student I would teach my classmates whenever they had trouble with a subject. I had the greatest time back then.

After graduating as an English<>Spanish Translator, I decided to focus not only on translations, but language tutoring as well, and I have really enjoyed helping my students, from different backgrounds and nationalities, to learn both languages in a fun and enjoyable environment.

My passion for teaching led me to wanting to improve my skills and learn new techniques, which resulted in gaining a TEFL Certificate and a Spanish Teachers Training Certification granted by Fidescu (Foundation for Research and Development of Spanish Culture).

Because of my love of languages and teaching and my expertise, I know I can help you learn Spanish and/or English. The testimonials from some of my students will give you an idea of what it means to study with me 🙂

My policy: “Customers might not always be right but they are the customers and have the right to claim what they have paid for.”

Don’t be afraid! Contact me for any questions you may have. I promise to answer them all!

Looking forward to working with you.